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Manage all your employment related tasks in one place. Features include time/attendance tracking, PTO management, employee record keeping and more.



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Get full-access to our integrated cloud-based HR management and online payroll processing platforms.

Time & attendance tracking

  • Clock-in/out from anywhere and any device with location data.
  • Click-in reminder and auto clock-out in case your employees forget.
  • Easy online approval for employees.
  • Generate a timecard with a few clicks.

Time-off tracking

  • Online time-off request approval.
  • Track available paid time-off.
  • Get notified when a request is submitted/approved/disapproved.

Payroll processing & tax filing

  • Unlimited payroll processing: weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly - run payroll as often as you need!
  • Automatically calculate overtime, paid time-off, tax withholding, garnishment withholding, and benefit deduction.
  • Issue instant printable checks and/or direct deposits.
  • Easy multi-state payroll: run payroll for employees in all 50 states.
  • Withhold employee taxes, file required payroll tax reports, and pay tax withholdings to the proper state and federal agencies.
  • Automatically fill out W-2, W-3, and payroll summary forms, and print them for your employees and yourself at no extra cost.
  • Employee access to view pay stubs and W-2 forms.
  • Live payroll expert support via phone, email and chat.

Employee records

  • Manage all employees' information and forms in one place; timecards, documents, performance reviews, compensation history, education records and personal information.
  • Store and organize all company documents and legally required forms. Download them anytime you need.
  • Request and fill out documents online.
  • All necessary forms are available for download.

Employee self-service

  • Clock-in/out from anywhere and on any device; mobile-friendly online platform and mobile app.
  • Employees get notified when they forget to clock-in.
  • View and download pay stubs and W-2 form.
  • Request and manage time-off from any device.
  • Check work schedules and assigned projects from any device.
  • Submit required documents and forms online.
  • Receive company communication messages and notifications on a platform of your choics; email, text, and push notifications.
  • Enroll employee benefits online.

Benefits & worker's comp administration

  • Record all your benefit providers' information.
  • Administer employee's eligibility and send notification to employees once it's available.
  • Manage all worker's comp claims online: have employees fill out necessary froms and sign, download for your recordkeeping and maintain forms for required retention periods.

Employee scheduling

  • Create and manage employee work schedules.
  • Save time by easily copying previous schedules.
  • Enable employees to check schedules from anywhere and on any device.

Reporting & resources

  • Hours, employees' information, time-off, EEO reports and more reports are available to download.
  • Get access to and download all necessary forms and templates.
    • Employment application
    • Form W-4
    • USCIS I-9
    • Notice to employee
    • Supervisor's report of injury form
    • Employee's report of injury form
    • Employee refusal of medical treatment
    • Employee direct deposit authorization form
    • Lost payroll check affidavit form

...and more!

Project manager

  • Create projects and assign employees.
  • Assigned employees get notified by email and/or SMS once a project is created.
  • Employees can check assigned project from anywhere; online and on their phone.
  • View all projects at a glance by month, week or day.


  • Send messages to the entire company, by department(s) or to individual employee(s) via email and sms.